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U-Pick Closed

Stay tuned for 2024 bookings!

DIY & Weddings 

Did you know that we offer bulk flowers for DIY events and weddings? 

This is the perfect option for someone who is interested in creating their own unique bouquet. For more information please email:


Find us at the Winkler Farmers Market Next Summer!! 

2024 Bouquet Subscriptions

We are excited to announce our summer bouquet subscriptions! 

Pick up Dates are: July 23rd, August 13th and August 27th. 

The Cost is $90 which equals to a $30 value subscription bouquet each week. 

Enjoy Manitoba Blooms, the bouquets will be full of flowers that are in bloom that week. 

Pick up is at our Farmers Market booth, Tuesdays 4-6pm or you can request farm pick up. 

Email or send us a DM to purchase a subscription or more information. 



Hello! Welcome to Heritage Blooms Flower Farm! The idea of a cut flower garden started when our mom seeded a few rows of flowers in her vegetable garden and we just loved the idea of walking out to the backyard and cutting our own bouquets. We have generations of gardeners in our families, as girls we spent summers helping our grandmas with their gardens and our mom with hers. We wanted to keep the heritage of gardening alive for our community of Reinland and create a place for others to come and relax and enjoy. We are located in the village of Reinland, about 15 minutes south of Winkler. The village of Reinland was founded in 1875 and flower gardening has been part of the history of our village since the very beginning. The settlers brought flower seeds and Dahlia tubers with them on their journey from Europe, and within a few years their homes were surrounded by beautiful bright gardens. Just as those gardens brought the early villagers much joy amidst the tough new Prairie home we want to continue to foster the joy of gardening for future generations. 

Contact Us

Reinland, MB, Canada

(204) 325-4762

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